What is Social Scripting?

As the diagnoses of Asperger’s Syndrome continue to rise, it is becoming imperative for friends and family of loved ones diagnosed with this condition to try out a multitude treatment methods. There are a wide range of possible treatments available which normally fall within two categories: biomedical treatments and non medical interventions. Biomedical treatments are any treatments that focus on the improving the physical body while non medical interventions include a wide range of services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, interventions, and behavior modification.

Todd Cardin has been writing social scripts and stories for children affected by Asperger’s Disorder for years. Social scripting is a technique that has been used for decades for the treatment of Asperger’s and Autism with very positive results. In order to fully understand how social scripting is beneficial to these children, a person must understand that normal characteristics of the condition.

Asperger’s Syndrome & Todd Cardin’s Introduction to Social Scripting

Asperger’s was first identified by Hans Asperger in the 1940s when he noticed that a group of boys were displaying autism-like behaviors but had no cognitive or language developmental delays. It was not until fifty years later that Asperger’s Syndrome stopped being referred to as “high functioning Autism” and instead was recognized as its own condition by the American Psychiatric Association. The major difference between the two conditions is that children with Asperger’s have no speech delay. These individuals are also of above average or average intelligence levels.

Todd Cardin began working on social scripting techniques after learning that children diagnosed with this Syndrome were often not happy with the state of their social interactions. Where as many autistic children are fine with being alone and aloof from other people, children with Asperger’s often yearn for the social interaction but are unable or unsure of how to be successful in their interaction attempts with others.

This is why assessment of behaviors is important during developmental screenings for conditions such as these. There may be no obvious signs of a problem except the odd or awkward interactions between the child and others. In some cases there are motor development problems such as when a child is unsure of how to hold parts of the body or has problems with walking.

In order to be diagnosed with the condition, a child must show impairment in social interaction, social communication, and social imagination. They must also have problems with using the imagination and lack a flexible way of thinking. There is an absence of any and all significant cognitive development delays. Children will also lack a delay in language development. Todd Cardin understands how important it is to perform social scripting that is focused on aiding the social problem areas.

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